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An Internationally Certified "Excellent School"
At Academy of Korean Martial Arts, we believe that an excellent martial arts school should offer much more than training to protect oneself from physical attacks. That's why our programs are designed so that our students not only learn effective, efficient, and modern self-defense, but just as importantly develop self-discipline, focus, self-control, respect, and countless other valuable life skills.

In today's world we have many threats to our minds and bodies. Our young people are bombarded with negative influences and peer pressure while they are seriously searching for the confidence and high character that seems to be missing in many of their popular role models. Adults are under more stress than ever while most seek a healthier lifestyle. It seems that we all daily face a variety of daily challenges.

With these challenges in mind we have structured our classes to help our younger students earn the confidence they need to stand by their values and face difficult situations in everyday life while our Adult program is designed to develop the ability and confidence needed for effective self-defense, increase flexibility, provide a total body workout, and improve focus and concentration. 

Our Values

For centuries, the martial arts of Korea have focused on the time-honored principles:

Service to Country

Respect for Parents and Teachers

Honor and Loyalty among Friends

Courage to Take the Right Action

Prudence in the Use of Combat Skills

While holding deeply to these traditional values, the courses of instruction at Academy of Korean Martial Arts are structured for modern students in today's society. The style we teach, TeukGong MooSool, is the official martial art of the Korean Special Forces and is considered to be one of the most practical, innovative, and efficient self-defense systems. (We think it's THE most!) Our teaching methods, training facility, and equipment are cutting-edge. In fact, Academy of Korean Martial Arts is the only school in the United States certified as an "Excellent School" by the International TeukGong MooSool Federation based in Seoul, Korea.

Academy of Korean Martial Arts is a place where dreams can be realized.  Our goal is to help improve our students, families, community, nation, and world by providing the best in state-of-the-art martial arts training.  If you aren't a student yet, call today to arrange a free private class, or just drop by for a tour.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Academy of Korean Martial Arts is to develop each of our students, instructors,

and staff members

to the fullest of their mental and physical potential, using martial arts as a vehicle to set

and reach worthwhile goals

while building the habit of "Black Belt Excellence" in everyday life.

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